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About Drain Defence
Drain Defence is a family run drain unblocking business with over 25 Years of experience clearing blocked drains and providing full drainage services.

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Areas we Cover
Drain Defence Head Office is based in Bristol and we cover the entire South. Click on the clink below to see all the locations we cover.

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Case Studies


Top substances to avoid washing down the sink
17th December 2021
There are many, many things that can lead to a blocked drain – leaves and debris, broken pipes, and kitchen waste just to name a few – thankfully, at Drain Defence we are vastly experienced in the professional unblocking of commercial and residential drains – meaning we have seen essentially every type of blockage.
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Do your drains need relining? 4 ways to tell immediately with Drain Defence
05th October 2021
Having dealt with thousands of blocked drains, one thing that comes up fairly often at Drain Defence is that our client’s drainage systems are in urgent need of relining.
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Who is Responsible for Fixing a Blocked Drain?
28th May 2021
When something goes wrong with the drains in your property, it can be hard to know who is responsible for fixing the issue. In this post, our drainage experts explain who is responsible for resolving problems with blocked drains.
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Blocked Drains: How to Spot the Signs
11th March 2021
There are potential warning signs of a blocked drain. We explain what to look out for and when you should contact a drain unblocking specialist.
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