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To learn more about our specialist drainage services get in touch with our friendly team today.

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About Drain Defence
Drain Defence is a family run drain unblocking business with over 25 Years of experience clearing blocked drains and providing full drainage services.

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Areas we Cover
Drain Defence Head Office is based in Bristol and we cover the entire South. Click on the clink below to see all the locations we cover.

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Case Studies


Blocked Drains: How to Spot the Signs
11th March 2021
There are potential warning signs of a blocked drain. We explain what to look out for and when you should contact a drain unblocking specialist.
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The Usual Causes of Blocked Drains
28th November 2020
A house needs the drains in order to have a fully functional path system for the unwanted liquids we use in our bathrooms or toilets.
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Types of Drainage Equipment
13th November 2020
The drainage industry is exceptionally specialised and that is because it takes specific skills and understanding of some of the most advanced drainage equipment to install, uphold, and overhaul a series of pipes and drains.
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What shouldn’t be flushed down the Toilet?
12th November 2020
It seems obvious, but often in practice it is easy fall into the trap of throwing everything down the toilet.
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