CCTV Investigation

Our CCTV drain survey camera process begins by inserting a small, fiberoptic video line into a drain pipe which identifies underlying issues. This negates the need to tear up large segments your property.

The video inspection line is funnelled into a drain or sewer somewhere inside the home and is used to look for a blockage, leak, or other piping obstructions. This process makes it much easier and faster to identify the problems’ source and begin repairs.

A Pipe inspection camera is commonly used to check for blockages or leaks in your home’s plumbing system. The technology can also be used to check for root incursion in drainage and sewer pipes as well as the home’s overall plumbing integrity. Specifically in older homes, where piping systems may have been degraded to the point of leaking or corrosion, a pipe inspection camera or sewer camera is a perfect tool. It permits us to identify the issues and take immediate action before extensive damage is done to your home.

Contact Drain Defence if you’re experiencing any plumbing problems. Our video pipe inspection specialists are experienced with the innovative and robust technology to diagnose and resolve all plumbing related problems.

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