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Blocked Toilets in Gloucestershire


Worried about blocked toilets in Gloucestershire and need immediate help?

The flushing of wet wipes down toilets is also believed to cause a high number of blockages. Since it’s one of the commonly used fixtures in your home, it’s not surprisingly these types of problems are so common. However, it can be extremely stressful if your family can’t use the toilet or smelly water ends up flooding your property, at its worst coming through the ceiling.

A clogged toilet is a common problem in public toilets, where people aren’t as careful when flushing down matter. It is often attributed to feminine hygiene products, too much toilet paper or hair being flushed down the loo. Whatever it might be, over-flushing is not going to solve the problem unfortunately and will only make it worse! In fact, overflushing it one of the main reasons that toilets end up flooding the floors.

Drain Defence regularly work on blocked toilets in Gloucestershire, ensuring that work is carried out before any damage is caused to your property, or if there has already been flooding, the damage is minimalised as much as possible.

In some cases, a poor flow can also indicate that you need a new toilet installed. Low flow toilets are typical of first-generation toilets and sometimes the only solution is a replacement. However, in most cases, it just involves unblocking the obstruction so you can have freely flowing pipes again.

Along with dealing with blocked toilets in Gloucestershire, we also unblock all sorts of other drains using the latest and most efficient methods. Whatever problems you might be having with your drains, the chances are our expert team can help. We cover a wide range of locations including working throughout Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.

All our engineers are highly experienced and trained and will solve your problem in the quickest time possible. With over 20 years of experience, there’s nothing they don’t know about unblocking drains. We can also provide expert advice to ensure you don’t end up dealing with blocked toilets again any time soon! After all, nobody wants to be worrying about this problem when they have a busy family.

For more information on our plumbing services in Gloucestershire or anywhere in the South East, simply get in touch today.