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Types of Drainage Equipment


Types of Drainage Equipment

At Drain Defence, we make sure that our engineers are trained and skilled at the highest levels in using the modern equipment. This is why we have earned an admirable reputation throughout the south of England for our drain cleaning and repairing services. In this article, we will tell you about the types of Drainage equipment that our skilled engineers use to clean and repair your blocked drains.

High Pressure Jetting Machines

This equipment is widely used by drainage teams to clean blocked drains. High-pressure jetting machines are commonly called hydro jet cleaning machines. These machines are very successful because of their influential blasting effects to clear blocked drains. The jetting machine consists of an electric motor, bare pump, and a pressure regulating valve, starter, pressure gauge, and safety valve. Other accessories consist of delivery hose, suction hose, nozzles, foot valve/gun, flexible lance, and rigid lance.

The pressure produced is converted into speed by means of a tiny hole made in stone, thus creating a flow as thin as a human hair and capable of cutting soft materials. To increase the cutting power up to 1000 times, the flow of supersonic water drags the abrasive. The water and the abrasive leave the cutting head at almost four times the speed of sound.

Root Cutting Machines

Root cutting machines are effective in cleaning drains with a diameter between 6 to 20 inches. These machines release water at high pressures in order to cut tree roots as well as other material that has caused damage to the pipes. Currently, most sewer lines use plastic PVC pipes. These pipes are impervious or resistant to tree root damage, which does not degrade or break easily. Therefore, the root cutting machines are the most widely used equipment to remove all the tree roots completely. The machine removes the tree roots using high-pressure water to cut the roots at the point of entry. Drain Defence has over twenty years of experience in using root-cutting machines to clean the blocked drains in all over South of England.

Lateral Cutter

Another commonly used equipment to clear blocked drains is the Lateral cutter. This equipment is used to cut away solid material such as concrete. It comes with unique features i.e. the remote access self-drive design, variable speed controls, as well as a cutting head that are useful in removing durable material from the blocked pipes. Lateral cutter also comes with a camera that allows the engineers to look for the material that is blocking the drain. In this way, using a remote control the engineers are able to clear accurately the pipes.