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What shouldn’t be flushed down the Toilet?


It is important we do not throw everything down the toilet, not only for environmental ecology reasons, but also to save us the cost of the plumber.  We shouldn't let ourselves be the cause of blocked drains and blocked toilets. Best practice is to refrain from flushing down the following things to avoid blocked toilets.

Wet Wipes

Until just a short time ago, they were used for babies, but nowadays their use has spread enormously and there are wipes for everything: from makeup removal, polishing furniture, cleaning windows and even cleaning LCD screens. The truth is that they are enemies for the proper functioning of the pipes.


Condoms are one of the elements that usually appear floating in abundance in the sewers of England. Drop them in the trash, not in the toilet; this contributes to the environment, hygiene and pipes.

Cotton Balls

Although they seem harmless, they are not. These tend to accumulate on the walls of the drains and then completely obstructing them.


Never dispose of them through the toilet, you can do so by depositing them in the waste disposal zones of pharmacies and hospitals, in this way you will avoid contaminating the groundwater and the life that may exist in them.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts floating in the toilet is very unhygienic and they rarely leave with the first discharge. In addition to getting trapped in pipework, when throwing the butts to the toilet, all the chemicals that it contains are thrown into the water.

Plasters or Dressings and Dental Floss

They are not biodegradable and can bind or adhere to objects causing the pipes to become blocked. Best to pop these in the bathroom bin!

Greases and Oils

Better, keep the remains of fats and oils in a bottle and then place it next to the bin or look for a container that is suitable for depositing. Otherwise, the fatty contents will block the drains, since the fats turn into a waxy nightmare once cold.

Disposable Nappies

They obstruct drains horribly due to the nature of the product itself to absorb liquids, with which there comes a time that they swell in the pipes. On the other hand, the plastic with which they are designed is not biodegradable.