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Who is Responsible for Fixing a Blocked Drain?


When something goes wrong with the drains in your property, it can be hard to know who is responsible for fixing the issue. In this post, our drainage experts explain who is responsible for resolving problems with blocked drains.

I’ve got a blocked drain – what do I need to do?

As a general rule, if the drain is within the bounds of your property, you will be responsible to any issues that arise. This means that if you experience a blockage (find out how to spot the common signs of a blocked drain here), it’s up to you to arrange and pay for repairs. 

The good news is that a specialist drainage company like Drain Defence can take care of everything for you. We provide an efficient, reliable and cost-effective drain unblocking service to minimise disruption to your household caused by drainage problems. It’s always worth tackling a blockage as soon as possible, before it causes your drain to overflow and flood your home. 

Lateral drains and sewers

The sewerage company will be responsible for lateral drains (usually outside property boundaries) and sewers (please note that some properties are still served by private or unadopted sewers, which may be the responsibility of the property owner).

What is a lateral drain?

A lateral drain is a length of pipe that carries wastewater from your property to a sewer. Though it will usually be located under a public pavement or road outside the bounds of your property, it may run under your property if you share a sewer with your neighbour. Your water company is responsible for carrying out maintenance and repairs on lateral drains. 

What is a sewer? 

Sewers collect water and waste from the drains of a number of properties. Most are publicly owned and maintained by the water company. Sewers connected to the public network used to be the responsibility of the property owner but are now looked after by local water companies. If you ever have issues with your lateral drain or sewer, your first port of call should be the water company (unless you own a property with a private or unadopted sewer). 

Speak to the drainage experts at Drain Defence

If you’re concerned you might have a drain blockage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 0800 464 0430. We can also carry out CCTV drain surveys to quickly identify and assess issues, as well as drain relining for damaged pipes.