Drain Relining Service

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Drain Relining Service

At Drain Defence, we are committed to giving you the highest quality drain lining repair available at an affordable price. Our drain lining service saves you money, time, and your property’s structure or landscape! View our videos and photos to see how our pipe lining can rejuvenate your home or business drainage system.

​The process starts with inspecting the pipe with our CCTV drain cameras. After a complete and thorough analysis of your drainage system we will discuss the best options for you. Drain lining is the best solution for older properties which would usually require digging up your drainage pipework and most likely replacing most if not all dated pipework.

Drain Cross-section
Drain Inspection

The Drain Lining Process

Our certified team will arrive on site with the equipment and answers to any additional questions you may have. The pipe lining repair process starts by entering the pipe from an existing opening in the pipe with air inversion. An example of an existing opening in the pipe would be a manhole from your property or a manhole in the street.

An epoxy resin liner is rolled into our Air Inversion Unit, connected to air pressure, and is then unraveled through the pipe internally – expanding and hardening to give you a “new pipe within a pipe”. No digging or jackhammering involved – saving you money, time, and your property!

We can fix your broken pipe no matter the type, size, or length. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also very strong – which is why we offer a 5 Year Warranty on our trenchless drain lining services!