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Wastewater & Rainwater Soakaways

A soakaway is an effective and environmentally conscious way to deal with wastewater or excess surface water in your drainage system. Depending on the type you have, the pipe that runs to the soakaway will either come directly from your property, from an area where there is an overflow of surface water, or from a private waste system such as a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. 

Rainwater soakaways explained

The purpose of a rainwater soakaway is to discharge and percolate the water coming through it back into the surrounding soil. This prevents excess water caused by bad weather (also known as runoff or storm water) from entering the main sewer system and overwhelming it. 

A rainwater soakaway will come directly from your property (usually from a gutter) or from an area where there is an overflow of surface water (via a system like a French drain). The process of putting the excess water back into the surrounding soil can prevent the land around your property from flooding and not draining properly in the event of heavy rainfall. 

This type of soakaway is usually made from plastic modular storage cells that resemble old-fashioned milk crates. These are placed in a pit on your land and connected to your guttering or a French drain. Before being covered over with a layer of shingle and turf, the soakaway crates may also be protected by an additional geotextile membrane that prevents soil from getting into the system.   

Wastewater soakaways explained

Wastewater soakaways come directly from a private system such as a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. They discharge the treated wastewater into the land around your property (usually a garden or field). This type of soakaway is a series of perforated pipes laid in trenches created in the land. The area around these pipes will be covered over with stones or gravel and turf. 

A wastewater soakaway is one of the few remaining legal methods for disposing of treated wastewater from a septic tank.  

Why install a soakaway on your property?

Not only are soakaways low maintenance and cost-effective, they are simple to install and our experienced drainage experts can talk you through everything you need to know. Soakaways significantly reduce the risk of flooding caused by the main sewer system becoming overwhelmed.

Whether your property is suitable for a soakaway depends on the type of soil you have, which is something we will be able to check for you.  

Soakaway in a garden
Soakaway installation in a garden

Talk to the drainage experts about your soakaway installation

To find out more or book your installation, get in touch with the friendly Drain Defence team today on 0800 464 0430. If you already have a soakaway that you’re experiencing problems with, our drainage engineers can diagnose the issue and come up with an effective solution.